Friday, October 21, 2011

Buddhist Compassion (Karuna)

Continuing Course on

Buddhist Compassion (Karuna)
Practice & Theory

Saturdays 2 - 4pm

One of the key concepts the Dalai Lama emphasizes is "Compassion" (karuna, in Pali, the language closest to the Buddha). This course helps the learner to both cultivate Compassion in our daily living as well as understand how and where Compassion is contextually and textually rooted in the Buddha's Word (Buddha vacana). In our exploration, the role of cognition and knowledge in Compassion will come to be understood as well. Each of the four sessions introduces us to a different type of meditation, all geared towards the cultivation of Compassion. Made up of two hours each, the classroom experience allows for discussion.

By the end of the course, students will take with them material which could be used for their continuing practice of Karuna.

No prior knowledge of Buddhism is needed.

Course Schedule:

Oct  02, 2011
What is Karuna? What are the other related concepts? How are they related to everyday living?
Meditation towards "all beings"
Oct 09, 2011
How is Karuna related to the Noble Eightfold Path?
Friendliness Meditation
Oct 16, 2011
How understanding of the Noble Four Folds Truth relates to Karuna
Friendliness Discourse
Oct 23, 2011
How does Karuna relate to issues of Bioethics
Anatomical Meditation


Ordained Shanga is fee-exempted.


Lecturers & Languages: Venerable Dr Thich Minh Tam (English).



Please e-mail the registrar at or indicating your intent to register. This will help us with our planning.

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