Friday, October 21, 2011


Propagandizing the Buddha’s teachings for the benefit of all sentient beings is the best method to bring peace to the community and happiness to all beings. Not only will it cultivate our purified mind, but it will enhance our intellectual capability by which we can overcome all daily difficulties. All Dharma lessons shall be taught in English at the Thien Phuoc Temple.

Time: 3PM (afternoon) every Sunday
Place: Thien Phuoc temple
Teachers: Ven. Thich Hanh Qua, Ven Thich Minh Tam
Contact: Phone 02- 87045599 or Venerable Hạnh Quả 0416113789

Enrolment: Free of charge, must call to enroll for services.
During the lessons, there will be a section for meditation training supervised by Ven. Thich Dat Ma Hanh Nguyen.

May you enjoy peace and happiness all Ways.

Dharma Promulgation Team
TK Thích Phước Sanh, Abbott
TK Thích Hạnh Qủa
TK Thích Minh Tâm
TK Thích Đạt Ma Hạnh Nguyện

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